Detention Division

The Rockwall County Jail is the only facility in the county and accepts prisoners from 7 different law enforcement agencies in the county. The jail is designed to house 220 male and female inmates and employs 63 staff.

The jail is a tobacco free facility housing inmates accused or convicted of crimes including homicide, burglary, theft, drug trafficking, and assault. Inmates under staff supervision perform everyday jobs such as cooking, cleaning, and maintenance of the facility. By utilizing inmate labor, costs associated with operating the facility are greatly reduced. Inmates are also utilized for maintenance in other parts of the county. Again this is a savings to the county. Inmates involved in these activities have been screened and are considered low risk. Inmates who have exhibited violent behavior or have any sexual crimes are not permitted to be part of the inmate labor pool.

The average stay in the jail is approximately 3 months. However, depending on their sentence, inmates can spend a longer period of time in the jail. With few exceptions, inmates would spend no more than 1 year at the Rockwall County Jail.

Several programs are available to inmates. These programs include alcoholic’s anonymous and religious services. Inmates have access to both a social and legal library.

Contracts have also been developed with surrounding counties to house their prisoners. This is an added source of revenue that tends to assist in the expenditures of operating the Rockwall County jail.