Rockwall County Texas
Rockwall County Texas
Rockwall County Texas

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Criminal Investigation Division
The Criminal Investigations Division of the Rockwall County Sheriff's office is staffed by four Detectives. Their duties include the following:

  1. Follow-up on field officer reports.
  2. Filing cases with the District Attorney's Office.
  3. Internal Affairs Investigations.
  4. Coordinating Warrant Service and Tactical Operations.
  5. Crime scene reconstruction.
  6. Processing evidence through the property room.
  7. Assisting with other Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the state and country.
  8. Maintain Sex Offender Registration Files.
  9. Coordinate training for departments.

Currently, Detectives in CID have combined a 40+ years of law enforcement experience. The CID of the Rockwall County Sheriff's Office works diligently to help solve and prevent crime in Rockwall County.

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