Tickets and Class C Misdemeanors

The Justice of the Peace Court hears traffic tickets and other criminal class C misdemeanors, such as assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and minor alcohol violations.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this webpage is not legal advice. You are encouraged to contact an attorney or consult the actual law for answers to any questions you may have. 

  • Pay a Citation
  • Driving Safety Course Dismissals
  • Deferred Disposition Dismissals
  • Compliance Dismissals
  • Payment Alternatives
  • Trial Request

Pay a Citation

Pay Online

Full payment of your fine constitutes a plea of No Contest and will result in a conviction on your record. You may pay a ticket by credit or debit card (a 2.35% service charge applies), by telephone or by mail. To pay by mail or telephone, or for questions about making your payment or the fine amount, please call the court office at (972) 204-6730 during business hours.

Driving Safety Course Dismissals

Driving Safety Course Application

You may be entitled to have one moving violation dismissed by successfully completing a driving safety course. You will lose that right if, on or before you appearance date (usually 30 days from ticket date), you do not provide the court with your request to take the course. If you were operating a motorcycle, you will be required to take a motocycle operator’s training course. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders are not eligible for dismissal.

Deferred Disposition Dismissals

Application for Deferred Disposition

You may be able to have your charge dismissed by successfully completing an Order Granting Deferred Disposition under the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, art. 45.051. You may submit an application for Deferred Disposition on or before your appearance date (usually 30 days from the ticket date). If the court grants Deferred Disposition for your case, you must comply with the conditions of the order during the deferral period before the case will be dismissed. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders are not eligible for dismissal.

Compliance Dismissals

Motion to Dismiss for Compliance

Under Texas law, the court may dismiss certain citations if the defendant shows proof of compliance before the appearance date (usually 30 days from the ticket date) and pays the required administrative fine (up to $20). 


Payment Alternatives

Affidavit of Inability to Pay

A defendant who is convicted of a criminal offense punishable by fine only is entitled to alternative methods of satisfying the judgement against them if they are unable to pay the fine or costs, in whole or in part.  If you are indigent (poor) and unable to pay your fine or court costs in full, the Court will consider your financial application and sworn testimony about your financial situation and may offer you different alternatives for satisfying all or part of your fine or costs, including community service, installment payments or waiver. Please contact the court for assistance.

Jail Time Credit Request

A defendant may be entitled to jail credit in certain circumstances if the defendant was confined in jail or prison after the commission of the offense pending in justice court.

Trial Request

Plea Form

You have a right to a trial by judge or jury. To request a trial, contact the court at (972) 204-6730, by mail, or by email to and enter a plea of “Not Guilty.” Provide your current telephone number, address and email address and you will be notified of your Pretrial Hearing date. Your appearance at this hearing is mandatory, before a trial can be set. At the conclusion of the pre-trial hearing, your trial date will be scheduled, unless you have decided to change your plea of Not Guilty.                   


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