Rockwall County LEPC

Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) are a product of federal legislation because of the hazardous chemical leak of Methyl Isocyanate in Bhopal, India that resulted in the death of over 2000 people.  A second release of the chemical Aldicarb in West Virginia increased the concern about emergency response capabilities in the United States.

The job of an LEPC is to enhance the hazardous material preparedness from a partnership between local government and industry.  The LEPC Committee is composed of members from the following categories:

1.  Elected state and local officials,

2. Local law enforcement, civil defence/emergency management, firefighting, first aid, health, local environmental, hospital and transportation groups.

3. Broadcast and print media

4. Community groups,

5. Owners and operators of regulated facilities.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - Please click on this link to open the LEPC Membership Application.

Our next scheduled LEPC Meeting is on June 26, 2023 from 9 am to 10:30 am at the Rockwall County Sheriff's Office located at 972 Townsend Drive in Rockwall, Texas.

Agenda for June 26, 2023 ar Rockwall County EOC at 972 TL Townsend in Rockwall. (Click to see agenda)

For more information on the Rockwall County LEPC, please contact Lloyd Blaine at