Unattended or Disruptive Children

The Rockwall County Library welcomes citizens of all ages to use and enjoy the facility, collections, and programs offered by the library. The library staff cannot monitor the behavior and whereabouts of patrons, including children. Children could be approached by a stranger, become frightened, or leave the building. Because the safety of children is important, we have established the following:
  • While in the library, children under age seven must have a parent / guardian in the immediate vicinity who is in visual contact with child. If a child is left unattended, every effort will be made to contact the parent / caregiver.
  • Parents and caregivers will be asked to monitor the behavior of their child. If the child becomes disruptive, the parent or caregiver will be asked to handle the situation so that the child does not disturb other patrons. If they do not, they will be asked to leave.
  • Disruptive behavior, as determined by staff, includes but is not limited to running, scuffling, and yelling.
  • Children ages 7-10 must be accompanied by a responsible person who is 14 years or older. Children ages 7-10 who become disruptive will be asked to improve their behavior. If such behavior continues, staff will contact the responsible person.
  • Disruptive patrons ages eleven and over will be asked to improve their behavior. If such behavior continues, they will be asked to leave the library.
  • A child under age 14 left unattended in the library at closing time will be asked to call a parent or caregiver. Two staff members will wait with the child until someone arrives to pick up the child.
If any of the above is not resolved to the satisfaction of the staff member in charge, patrons may be asked to leave. Police may be called for assistance, particularly if a child is left at the library after hours.