Passport Information

Documentation Required


Photos are made on site at a cost of $10 per person.


The section “In case of emergency, notify” must be filled out on both the DS-11 and the DS-82.
Photographs that do not withstand 225 degrees Fahrenheit are not accepted. 

Before You Sign In

Do you have the following documents ready?
  • DS-11 Application Completed (Not Signed)
  • Valid Driver's License or Other Identifying Documents
  • Certified Birth Certificate or Recent Passport Book
  • Passport Photo ($10 each if we take them)
  • A Check or Money Order Made Out to the U.S. Dept. of State for:
    • $80 (15 years and under)
    • $110 (16 years and over)
  • Check or Cash for the Rockwall County District Clerk in the amount of $25 each
  • Expedited Passports it is recommended that you purchase a $23.75 Express Mail Stamp purchased at the Post Office
  • The cost for an EXPEDITED passport is an additional $60