The Patrol Section is perhaps the most visible section and is responsible for answering all emergency calls for service. The Rockwall Sheriffs Office currently provides police services to 3 incorporated cities and all unincorporated areas within Rockwall County. The Patrol Section is responsible for all initial investigations from minor traffic infractions to major crime scenes. This perhaps is the most popular section in the department and many deputies choose not to promote in order to remain in the Patrol Section.

Special sections if this Division include Narcotics and auto theft. These are part of an area task force and focus on specific types of criminal activity. Deputies that are assigned to these sections are often performing their duties in an undercover capacity.

Here are just a few other objectives of the Sheriff's Dept.:
  • Integrity: honesty, ethical conduct, fairness, equality and responsibility for our action.
  • Leadership: positive direction, value and goal-oriented objectives, confidence and trust, promote the highest standards and commitment.
  • Morale: recognition, fairness, discipline, flexibility, unbiased treatment positive reinforcement.
  • Respect: for ourselves, fellow officers and the citizens we serve.
  • Teamwork: promote participation, involvement, cooperation, set goals, develop a partnership with our community