Mission Objectives
  • To reduce the injuries to law enforcement officers resulting from criminal attacks by a timely response to incidents that manifest high officer hazards, as well as potential serious injuries to suspects as a result of their combative behavior.
  • To reduce the manpower needed to thoroughly search a building or structure.
  • To reduce the time spent conducting the search of a building or structure.
  • To assist in the apprehension of suspects; when appropriate, assist officers in investigations where controlled substances or marijuana are believed to be involved.
  • To deter aggression against officers during lawful arrest
  • To operate as a support unit responsible for providing effective general and specialized law enforcement services to the community.
  • When possible, the canine team should make every effort to provide 24-hour-a-day emergency call-out availability.
  • Conduct building searches.
  • Conduct searches for suspects and/or evidence.
  • Provide for the timely response to crimes in progress and officer assistance calls.
  • Render assistance to outside agencies on approval of the on-duty sergeant, or officer in charge (OIC). Protect peace officers and citizens from acts of violence.
  • Provide assistance in any situation where the canine team’s capabilities can be effectively utilized.