Plea Options

Not Guilty Pleas

On any traffic offense, you have the absolute right to plea not guilty and request a trial.

If you wish to plead not guilty, you may request trial by Judge or trial by Jury. That choice is yours. You are not required to have an attorney in court, but you may hire one if you wish. The District Attorney of Rockwall County will have an attorney present to prosecute the case against you. The Judge is prohibited, by law, from discussing your ticket with you unless you have plead guilty or no contest or the District Attorney is also present.

Guilty or Nolo Contendre

You may also plead either guilty or nolo contendre (no contest). By pleading guilty, you are admitting you are guilty of the offense. A nolo contendre (no contest) plea is a neutral plea by which you are neither admitting nor denying guilt to the offense.

Upon a plea of guilty or nolo contendre (no contest), you may pay the fine/fee amount (drivers under 17 are required to appear in court with their parent/guardian to plea before the Judge in open court). If you wish, you may call the Court at 972-204-6710 to pay with a credit/debit card (a 2.5% processing fee will be added); or you may mail your payment in the form of personal check (no out-of-state checks are accepted), money order, or cashier's check; or you may pay your fine in person by one of these methods or with cash. If a payment plan is needed, please contact the court for further information.