Protective Orders

A protective order is a civil court order issued by a court to prevent continuing acts of family violence, dating violence, stalking or sexual assault.  Generally, a protective order is valid for up to two (2) years and is enforceable by law enforcement.

A protective order can order the abuser to:
  • stay a specified distance away from the addresses listed in the order, generally from your home, school and work addresses;
  • not commit or threaten to commit violence against you or members of your family;
  • not threaten or harass you directly, or threaten or harass you through someone else;
  • not contact you or communicate with you at all;
  • not follow you (for Stalking Protective Orders only);
  • not possess any weapons unless that person is a peace officer;
  • not remove or harm pets or companion animals; and 
  • not remove children from your care.

Protective Order attorneys in the Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney's Office file applications for victims of family violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual assault who seek protective orders.  

To seek a protective order, either the applicant or the abuser must live in Rockwall County, or an incident of family violence must have occurred in Rockwall County.  The applicant must provide a daytime address where the constable can serve the abuser with notice of the hearing date.  You must also show that you and the person you want the order against meet one of the following relationships:
  • related by blood or marriage;
  • have been married;
  • have lived together;
  • have had a child together; or
  • have had a dating relationship.

Prosecuting attorneys cannot assist anyone in obtaining a protective order who has any kind of criminal charge pending in Rockwall County or anyone who is on parole or probation.  If the applicant has a divorce or a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (child support, visitation, custody and/or paternity) pending in Rockwall County, the request for assistance may be referred to another agency, or the applicant may be encouraged to retain a private attorney who can file a protective order as part of the existing family law case.

To request a protective order, contact:

Women In Need, Inc.
904 N Goliad St.
Rockwall, Texas  75087
(972) 772-3000