Crime Prevention

The Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney’s Office partners with many law enforcement agencies to keep Rockwall County safe.  The initiation of any criminal complaint begins with a law enforcement agency within the Rockwall County jurisdiction. The appropriate agency is determined by where the crime took place. Rockwall County has jurisdiction in the City of Rockwall, the City of Heath, and the City of Fate. Rockwall County also has jurisdiction in some sections of the City of Rowlett, Wylie and Royse City.  Crimes committed within the city limits should be reported to their local law enforcement agencies.  Crimes committed outside the city limits of any of these cities and within the Rockwall county lines are referred to the Rockwall Sheriff's Department.  The appropriate agency will investigate complaints and determine if a crime has been committed.  Upon their investigation, the law enforcement agency will submit that case to the Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney's office for prosecution.  

Once the case has been received by the Rockwall Criminal District Attorney's Office, prosecutors will review and further investigate the case. Felony complaints are presented to a grand jury panel to be indicted or no billed, and misdemeanor complaints are filed with the County Clerk by information.  Once a case has been filed with the District or County Clerk, the case receives a cause number and is placed on the court docket.  It is at this stage where defense attorneys and prosecutors work to resolve the criminal matter through a plea or trial.