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The Law Library is located on the 2nd floor of the Rockwall County Courthouse located at

 1111 E Yellowjacket Lane.

Online Legal Resources
Texas State Law Library
State Judicial Branch Library
 State Bar of Texas(800) 204-2222
 Texas Young Lawyers Assoc.(512) 427-1529 
 Rockwall County Helping Hands(972) 771-4357
 Texas Law Help
 Ticket Help Texas
 Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas(888)
Self Help Packets
 If you are a...Defendant in a Debt Claim Suit
 Plaintiff in a Small Claims SuitDemandante en un traje de reclamos pequeños
 Defendant in a Small Claims SuitDemandado en un traje de reclamos pequeños
 Plaintiff in an Eviction SuitDemandante en traje de desalojo
 Defendant in a Eviction SuitDemandado en traje de desalojo

Person who has been locked outPaquete de información jurídica de autoayuda: Cuando le han prohibido el acceso a su residencia o su arrendador le ha cortado sus servicios públicos
E-file Texas Forms  

If you prefer you may complete your forms electronically, print them and then email the forms to
Civil Answer
Occupational Driver License Petition
Texas Debt Claim Petition
Texas Eviction Petition
Texas Repair and Remedy Petition
Texas Small Claims Petition

"Covered Person" CDC Declaration Form- Evictions
Motion for Continuance
Motion to Appoint a Language Interpreter
Mocion para Asignar un Interprete de Lenguaje y Notificacion de Audiencia(Spanish form: Motion and Order to Appoint a Language Interpreter)
Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs (Fee Waiver)
Unsworn Declaration

Court Personnel are NOT ALLOWED to give legal advice.