Know Your County

  1. Cities and Schools

    Links to Cities and School Districts within Rockwall County.

  2. Contact Us

    Submit your questions to county departments using this online form.

  3. County Buildings

    View the different Rockwall County facilities and their respective locations.

  4. Emergency Services Corporation

  5. Estray Notices

    The Sheriff has posted posted notices for animals found astray.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to frequently asked questions.

  7. History

    View a summary of the history of Rockwall County.

  8. Law Enforcement Departments

    See of listing of Law Enforcement departments in Rockwall County.

  9. Mass Gathering Permit

    Mass Gathering Permit Application

  10. Open Government and Transparency

    View Open Government and Transparency related information. This includes Meeting Minutes, Agendas, and more.

  11. Open Space Alliance

    View plans for the preservation of land and natural resources.

  12. Public Notices

    Find all public notices in one central place.

  13. Resource Directory

    View information on local organizations and helpful community listings.

  14. Requests for Bids/Proposals

    Requests for Bids

  15. Road Consortium

    Stay informed on the important transportation decisions being made.

  16. Sheriff's Sale

    View posted property sales.

  17. Staff Directory

    This is a listing of county offices and their contact information.

  18. Veterans Memorial

    The Rockwall County Veterans Memorial is found just outside of the County Courthouse.