State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR)

STEAR Wellness Checks

When there is a power, water, or gas outage lasting over 24 hours, a declared disaster, or any other event considered necessary, Rockwall County will send an automated text and call to the individuals in the registry. If you receive the text/call, please respond with your first and last name to inform us that you are safe and do not need assistance. If you need assistance, please look below for your city or county governmental entity that can provide assistance.

  • Rockwall County, Mobile City, and Royse City: Sheriff's Office Non Emergency Dispatch 972-204-7002
  • City of Rockwall, City of Heath, and City of Fate: Rockwall Non Emergency Dispatch 972-771-7724 
  • If you have a life threatening emergency please call 9-1-1

If you do not respond to the automated text/call, a Rockwall County Employee will call you. If you do not respond to the personal call. A first responder will be dispatched to your address for an in-person wellness check. 

Who Should Register?

Any resident may register for assistance under the STEAR program if they have any condition, healthcare need, or situation that would require additional assistance during an emergency.  Some examples include:

  • People with Disabilities
  • People with access and functional needs such as: 
    •   People who have limited mobility
    •   People who have communication barriers
    •   People who require additional medical assistance during an emergency event
    •   People who require transportation assistance
    •   People who require personal care assistance

You may complete registration forms for individuals who may not be able to complete the form themselves. Be sure to obtain their permission first. 

Please note that registration with STEAR does not guarantee any delivery of services by responders, and should not replace developing your own emergency plan.

How Do I Register?

There are three ways to sign up for the STEAR Program:

How Is The Information Used?

Information provided during registration is shared with emergency planners and emergency responders to help ensure that Rockwall County residents with access and functional needs have the services they need in an emergency.  This information is never sold, and remains confidential.

What if I don't live in Rockwall County?

Each local jurisdiction manages their use of the STEAR program differently, It's important to check with your city or county emergency management office to see what they recommend. 

How can I promote the STEAR Program?

Agencies who regularly serve people with disabilities or senior citizens may chose to advertise the STEAR Program to their clients. Rockwall County has fliers available in both English and Spanish to assist you with promoting the program.

 For more information on how Rockwall County will use information in the STEAR registry, please contact our office at 972-204-7080 or